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Here's what we specialize in.

Working with children, families, individuals, and adults has been rewarding in being able to provide quality care and support. We are motivated to wake up daily towards helping others achieve personal goals and growth in their mental health. 

Therapy for Children

Children are at a crucial stage developmentally where they are connecting with the world they live in. Children during these adjustments in life can feel uncomfortable, but having a trained therapist work with your child can help their mental health. 

Not one child is the same and different interactions may be incorporated to support your child. At Talk Indy, a therapist specialized in working with children would work with you and determine and assess the best approach. Typically, a therapist may interact with your child through play, parents interacting during therapy, or one-on-one. Treatment would support your child in expressing their emotions, communication, behavior, and learning to cope and problem solve. 

Therapy for Teens

Adolescents can be one of the most difficult stages in development as your teen is forming an identity, and seeking independence. Teens can live with the fear of being judged by their peers, let alone worry about how their peers would think about talking to someone about their mental health.  Encouraging our youth in Indy to seek support or someone to talk to your teen can help open conversations and encourage them to share their personal experiences and emotional well-being. Our goal is to help teens find their own voice and navigate the pressures of society around them. 

If you are concerned about your teen struggling with issues whether it be depression, struggling with anxiety, or a sense of hopelessness, our trained professionals can help support your teen. Depending on the issue your teen may have, there are various treatments often used for teens from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Group Therapy, and Family Therapy. Therapy can help parents and teens improve their communication, and personal relationships, resolve issues and address critical mental health concerns. 

Therapy for Adults

Talking to someone is not always easy and it takes courage to reach out for support in areas that may feel vulnerable and uncomfortable. We assure you that we work towards assessing your unique needs and discovering ways of improving the quality of your daily life. 

When you talk to someone you will be greeted with genuine concern for your personal needs. Your individual therapist will focus on the areas that matter to you and stay committed to developing a plan of action that will drive personal growth and overall mental health and wellness. 

Therapy for Parents

Are you struggling with your parent-child relationship? Are you wanting to improve and understand the behavioral patterns in your relationship? Are you needing supportive services to address family issues? Our trained professionals can provide a safe, nurturing environment to learn how to navigate the challenges of parenting. 

Therapy for Depression

Has life become less exciting? Do you feel you don’t enjoy things like you used to? Do you have close family and friends that have noticed a change in you? Depression can affect your life in many ways, but you are not alone. We are here to support you, call and talk to someone today. 

Depression can be anywhere from debilitating to a constant nag. We at Talk Indy are focused on providing you with real, actionable tools to guide you in changing your life. Our goal is to provide you with the assistance to work through the past and make goals for the future. Recovery is possible with the right support and appropriate treatment. 

Therapy for Anxiety

Anxiety can have a spiraling effect that creates a major conflict within your mind and body. This can make you lose out on experiences you used to enjoy and current activities you dream of participating in. Despite this inner turmoil, we are here to help you face those challenges on your terms, face to face.

At times, anxiety can be silent but debilitating. At Talk Indy, your therapist will work with you to work through those specific anxieties, address your triggers, grow your toolbelt of coping skills, and give you the confidence to be the best version of yourself. Learning these new techniques for life can set you free to new possibilities.